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Being Vegan and it’s effects on my feminine health..

Feeling good after transitioning to becoming a vegan!

Greetings to my fellow earthlings!   After successfully finishing my three-day juice cleanse I started reflecting about how I’ve been eating over the past couple of months and how my body has been responding. Overall, I feel grateful to have adopted this cruelty-free lifestyle and my body feels the healthiest it’s ever felt in years! I [Continue]

P-I-Z-Z-A! Kale-yeahh meets Bacon Supreme!

Once it hit's the lips it's sooooo good! Make this now!

Pizza Hut Craving be gone!   I’m all about some yummy comfort food and I feel strongly that if you’re vegan you should have the same access to amazing comfort food without the guilty conscious. So I’ve heard that today is national Kale day (Kale Yeahh!) and national Vegetarian day and I wanted to show [Continue]