H2-Ohhhhh Baby – Morning detox with diffused water

For all y'all thirsty peeps out there!

Good morning my beauties!


Well, It’s Monday for starters so I had a rough time getting out of bed this morning but I was finally able to find some humor to cheer me up after realizing that today is Columbus day and I’m obsessed with poking fun at Christopher Columbus’ “discovery.” So here’s my favorite joke thus far, hope this gives you a good laugh to start the day off right.

Columbus day jokes!

Columbus day jokes never get old!

A lot of my friends ask me what are the healthiest things to eat for breakfast in the morning to jumpstart your metabolism etc. Eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast is very important but what you do before breakfast might be even more detrimental to your health. Some of you might’ve heard doctor’s and other health professionals talk about the importance of drinking at least 64 oz of water a day but did you know that drinking at least 8 oz of water as soon as you wake up helps trigger your body to detox and dump cellular waste? A lot of researchers agree that drinking water on an empty stomach after waking up allows your body to naturally purify itself of toxins and aids in quick digestion.

Diffuse and get ready to loose those toxins!

Diffuse and get ready to loose those toxins!

I started this ritual about a month ago after reading The Gerson Therapy and The China Study, and I feel a lot better compared to days where I’ve accidentally forgotten. For starters, drinking water on an empty stomach makes you feel the water traveling through your body and you can almost imagine the water pumping out all of the toxins processed overnight from the previous day. Most American’s rely on coffee to promote their early morning digestion and bowel movements but forget about ingesting all the harmful sugar and dairy when you can have the same effect drinking one glass of water each morning.


To get you a little more excited about drinking water instead of coffee in the morning, I decided to diffuse my water overnight to add flavor and increase the detoxifying effects by adding thin slices of lemon and cucumber to about 20 oz of water that I stored overnight in one of my favorite mason jars. The result: glorious spa water! After drinking this refreshing mixture, you will instantly feel like you’re at the spa even when you are really stuck in traffic commuting to work. What’s even better, is that your body will thank you later when you will start to feel refreshed and energized without sugar and caffeine. Check out some of my pictures below with the diffused lemon and cucumber water.

For all y'all thirsty peeps out there!

For all y’all thirsty peeps out there!

Brighten up your day with this delicious water!

Brighten up your day with this delicious water!

Please try to use filtered water when making this. I use a Brita pitcher-style filter but you obviously can use whichever brand you like the best. Also, you can make substitutions for the cucumber, but always keep the lemon slices in the water as the lemon adds extra detoxifying elements to this mixture and is an integral ingredient.

Other ideas instead of cucumber could be mint or basil. Try to pick a green herb or vegetable to replace the cucumber as it pairs nicely with the lemon flavor and green’s add to the lemon’s detoxifying powers.

*Special note: You can keep refiling your lemon cucumber jar all day long with filtered water and use it to get your standard 64 oz a day!

Staying consistent might be the hardest part of this morning ritual but I have a couple tips for you workaholics out there. Make the mixture the night before and store your glass or jar in the fridge for morning use. For you tech nerds out there, download the mywater app (free) from the apple store and track your water as you go through your day. This app helps me make sure that I reach my goal of 64oz because I’m sure you al can relate to the fact that it is hard to remember how much you’ve drank when you’re super busy. The app’s total awesomeness lies in its reminders that you can set off throughout the day to encourage you to drink some of that healing liquid!


Sooooooo, all I’m saying is Diffuse yo self!







9 thoughts on “H2-Ohhhhh Baby – Morning detox with diffused water

  • by Dana Davis

    This looks so good and I am going to start this weekend! My problem is cucumbers because I am not a big fan of the cucumber taste but I am thinking with the lemon mix I will be ok? What other suggestions then cucumber would you recommend? I love lemon water for sure and that Mywater app I am doing to download now. Thank you for this great post…going to check out the rest on your site.

    • by julieharris6789@gmail.com This is post author

      Hello Dana!

      I’m so glad your interested in this delicious water recipe. If you don’t enjoy the taste of cucumbers go ahead and try to add some mint leaves if possible for a super delicious mixture. If not, lemon water is great on it’s own. I’m going to be posting some more options for diffusing including using fresh watermelon’s and other fruits / vegetables so you can go ahead and get creative. Also, if you like to drink soda’s or coffee this is a way to kind of get off of them slowly and reduce cravings while still providing you with tons of energy! xoxo

      • by Dana Davis

        Thank you Julie for all the great suggestions! I went to bed early last night and just got back on here to finish checking everything out. I just saw your Mango Avocado Salad post and going to check that out next LOL. I absolutely love this site! Love the recipes and the whole concept. So excited I found you!

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