Cleansing into the new year..

Truly Julie's Pre-New Year's cleansing ideas!

Hello my fabulous healthy friends!

Don't you just want some of this delicious lemon diffused water? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Don’t you just want some of this delicious lemon diffused water? Yes! Yes! Yes!

As the holidays are coming to a close and 2015 is inching closer the time for reflection begins.. Unfortunately, the old fable of time moving faster as we get older seems to be getting more real for me and my friends as it felt as if it were yesterday when 2014 was rung in! Alas, another year on this Earth and I finally feel like I’ve become more at peace with myself and I strongly believe that my vegan lifestyle had a lot to do with the progress..

But… Before I tell you about how much my health and happiness has improved over the course of this year, I want to recommend some cleansing ideas to help re-charge your batteries before you ring in the new year and help you get a head start on those new year’s resolutions.

Cleansing.. Is it necessary? Well.. after doing a lot of research and attending my online Culinary Nutrition Course with Matthew Kenney Culinary I’ve learned that cleansing is not necessary if you eat a raw/vegan diet everyday because your intestines and organs will properly clean and cleanse themselves as you are not polluting your body with excess hormones like casein found in cows milk products or as many chemicals / preservatives as the average person.

Truly Julie's Pre-New Year's cleansing ideas!

Truly Julie’s Pre-New Year’s cleansing ideas!

However, let me address the big fat flamboyant elephant in the room and I’ll be the first person to admit that I’m not perfect and there may have been a couple nights involving too much tequila and a McDonald’s French fry run. Or two. Or three. Ok! That’s enough! So moral or the story is if you are a good little raw vegan angel and live a healthy lifestyle full of homemade meals full of macro and micro nutrients you don’t need to cleanse per say.. But for everyone else (which is probably everyone in the world) you should cleanse roughly between two to four times a year. Personally, I like to cleanse once per season or whenever I feel tired or sickly. Just be sure to consult a Doctor or health practitioner before cleansing especially if you are currently suffering from a chronic condition.

As you know, there are many wonderful cleanses out there and I would encourage you to try a couple out and see which one’s work best for you. Personally here at Truly Julie Vegan I have developed a mostly all juice cleanse that fills me up and doesn’t leave me feeling malnourished or dehydrated. Here’s my cleansing plan for 12/26/14 – 12/29/14. I’m choosing to do a three day cleanse so that I can enjoy myself new years night and have a glass of wine. Or two.. Or, ok let’s not go there..

Want clear skin? Drink more H2O!

Want clear skin? Drink more H2O!

Day 1:


-Drink 32oz of water diffused with lemon

-Drink 32oz of hot green tea

-32oz “green” juice of your choice

-2 cucumbers

-four stalks of celery

-2-4 Apples

-2 lemons squeezed

-1 head of Kale

Wear colors and be happy as you drink your colorful juice.. :)

Wear colors and be happy as you drink your colorful juice.. 🙂


-24 oz smoothie of your choice. You can really make any smoothie you wish just make sure you do not use dairy and include a nut for essential fats and some seeds for protein / energy because you’re going to need it!

-2 mangos peeled

-1 cup of almond milk

-1/4 of almonds

-2 Tbsp. chia seeds

-1/4 cup of Blueberries


Raw Salad or 32oz Juice of your choice

(Yes, I included whole food like the option for a raw salad because the leafy greens will help cling on to junk in your intestines and push it out as waste.

32oz hot green tea before bedtime!

Repeat x3 and enjoy yourself as you welcome in the New Year! 🙂

Until next time my beauties!



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